I’ve been driving an EV since summer 2016 when I bought a used Nissan Leaf 24kWh. This blog is a collection of posts on my experience. There’s better sites and forums elsewhere for more general advice – I’d recommend speakev.com and electrek for example (once you’ve browsed my blog of course).

In the UK an EV can genuinely be cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel, and can also be more convenient. No road tax, virtually no fuel cost, little maintenance and little depreciation- if you choose carefully.

In 2016 I replaced my diesel Skoda with an electric LEAF for my 50-mile a day commute. In 2017 we replaced our diesel Citroen with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. The Ioniq was so good, in 2018, the LEAF in turn got replaced by another, used, Ioniq Electric. Such was my faith in this car I drove it home- 530 miles. It didn’t disappoint. Next came another used EV, a Tesla Model S.

I like to measure stuff and so you’ll find articles based on data. Personally I don’t think hybrids have a place any more, they were good solutions in 2011 but times change and the public charging network, while not perfect, gets better every day.