I’ve been driving an all-electric car since mid-2016. This blog aims to show how EVs can easily replace internal combustion cars, if you choose carefully. There are some shockingly poor cars on the market, and some amazing ones. If you match the car to your needs you can end up saving so much money that the car literally pays for itself.

What this blog is not – a mythbuster. Refer to “Fully Charged Show” on YouTube if you’re interested in the bigger picture.

I’ve made parts for spacecraft, including the Huygens probe which is sitting on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. I’ve made parts for the ATLAS detector at CERN. I’ve rebuilt a few engines including a V4 Honda. But it’s great to not have to!

I grew up watching noisy fast jets, and so I still like airshows. But I hate dirty diesels.