Under the false floor in the trunk/boot lives this black duct, taking hot air from the battery…
…to this centrifugal fan. Air then passes out of the car…
…via this flap into the right rear wheel well.
I have no idea what this box of tricks does though. Hope it’s not too bothered by the heat when charging hard!

3 thoughts on “The Ioniq electric battery cooling fan!

  1. I can see why you posted this…..Bjorn, bless him wasn’t listening 🙂
    What is your view on the 38 kWh version? I both prefer the looks of the existing model, and the efficiency is suitable for us (15k miles per annum, and regular 100 mile journeys two times a week handled with ease, plus one 120 mile down and 120 back nearly every weekend. 38kWh doesn’t reduce a rapid charge on our round trip of 240, and I have no concern with our once a week rapid charge to 90/95%.
    My only decision is whether to buy another to replace the ICE, as the better half won’t let me have the keys for the Ioniq , and I bought it for me not her!!


    1. Sounds like another ioniq28 would be ideal. It all depends on your use, with >50kW chargers now appearing it would be a shame not to be able to take advantage of them. The only thing I like on the 38 is the wider screen, I am not a fan of the new nose (looks like a great trap for birds!) and I like the rotary and piano switches on the old version as they enhance the ergonomics.


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