Our two Ioniq electrics have been performing just like any other “normal” cars over the winter – hence my lack of blog posts. But that’s unfair to the Hyundais – to be able to rely on affordable electric cars for everyday use, as well as longer trips in 2019 really is newsworthy!

One aspect that has enabled this is the continuing rollout of Chargemaster Polar chargers, particularly the 50kW Ultrachargers. Each time we do a long trip it seems we discover a new one. Most recently we drove to relatives 110 miles away, and tried to top-up at an Ecotricity charger at M25 Cobham- no surprise that it didn’t work for more than 5 minutes or so. As we had a following gale, efficiency was so high that we didn’t need any extra charge anyway. On the return, with a slight headwind, we found a nearby Hilton at Cobham with a fairly recently installed Polar Ultracharger. It only took 8 minutes to add over 6kWh, around 30 miles, to give enough of a margin to be able to drive at 70mph for the rest of the trip.

We’ve had some snow in the UK this winter, but efficiency has rarely dropped below 4 miles/kWh on any trip, a real minimum range of 100 miles. In March, with temperatures around 9C, range is up to 130 miles.

I am looking forward to a firmware update as it promises live Polar charger availability.

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