I’ve nearly driven ten thousand miles on my 2013 Leaf, taking it to 35,000 miles on the clock.

The Leaf is proving to be the perfect commuter. The combination of quietness, no gearbox, and immediate power delivery make it an effortless and fun car to drive. I think that’s important when you’re spending up to 2 hours a day in a car. Auto lights and wipers just make it even better.

Best bits:

Heating timer of course! Wake up to a warm defrosted car…

The stealthy way it pulls away in the morning; you’re not going to wake the neighbours in this car.

No trips to fill up with fuel; the car is “full” every morning.

Silently outrunning other cars at traffic lights 🙂

Handling- the low centre of gravity gives surprisingly good handling.

Being part of a pretty exclusive club – I didn’t think I was an early adopter; but if I see more than 3 other electric cars on my commute it’s an unusual day.

Very low running costs

The way “it just works”. No fuss.

Worst bits:

No DAB radio – but the bluetooth works nicely.

Pretty old hat, out of date sat-nav. Nissan should have updated it.

Paintwork around one of the wheel arches is coming away in places. Not great on an approved used car. I’ll be raising this with my dealer. The rest of the car’s paint is great.

Driver’s increased intolerance of smoky diesels!

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